SomKURA Starting Kit -instruments-

€ 180,00

Maphalda has created two SomKURA Kits for you, so you can start using these techniques in your classes right away. These instruments are selected because they complement each other in the elements they address in the child/teenager (like the elements of water, fire, earth etc).

You'll Love the Sound & Vibration and who it helps children & teenagers to heal

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SomKURA Starting Kit


Tibetan Bowl (20cm) + mallet



Price: 180€

How to order the Somkura instrument Kit?

If you want to order one of the kits and receive it at the start of the training, just order via the webshop here or send an email to:

Order your SomKURA Kit till 1st May, you will have free shipping and will make sure you will have it on time for the training! If you order after the 1st of May, the kit might not be in time anymore and you will have to pay additional shipping fee.

For questions about the instruments, please contact Maphalda:


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