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    De kleine oase
    Ontdek jullie eigen bron van rust, plezier en ontspanning
    15 april, kom je ook?!
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    De kleine oase
    Yoga & Sound Healing Week
    Onderdompelen in klank en rust
    24 - 31 maart 2023
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    De kleine oase
    Heartfulness verhalen & opleiding
    Ontdek het 'Lieve Woorden Doosje' in je hart
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    De kleine oase
    Jouw tijd, jouw mat, jouw oase...
    Yin Yoga & Restful Yoga Flow wekelijkse lessen
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    De kleine oase
    Yoga Nidra Kids & Teens
    Rust & ontspanning zijn de basis voor groei

Sound Healing Kids/Teens

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Opleiding Sound Healing & Ancient Practices

“Learn the music of your Soul and you will never get lost”   

This three-day intense training will bring you unique tools to apply in your classes or individual therapy. The tools will help heal and support your students, whether they are children or teenagers. These tools are techniques rescued from ancient wisdom of indigenous people in South America, Africa, Australia and Asia and adapted by me, so you can introduce and use them in your work with children and teenagers of this time and age.

With these unique tools you create:

                       A more profound relationship and trust with your group/ the child

                       A safe place in which they can heal and reconnect with themselves

                       Emotional, physical and mental healing as they are able to unlock their blockages of limitations

                       A reconnection from children/teenagers with their own true nature and nature in itself

                       A playfull, holistic tool to create a inspiring, healing space in groups with children/teens or at Home


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