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    De kleine oase
    Wendy schrijft verhalen die helpen
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    Ontdek het 'Lieve Woorden Doosje' en Vlinder & Slak!
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    De kleine oase
    Restfulkids Heartfulkids
    Vlinder & Slak opleiding
    Kinderen ontdekken hun kalmte, veerkracht en vertrouwen
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    De kleine oase
    Ontspan met Yoga Nidra for Teens
    ONLINE Yoga nidra rustmeditatie in Oase Winkel
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    De kleine oase
    Sound & Yoga Nidra
    Kom genieten en ontspan
    4-18 april & 16-23 mei
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    De kleine oase
    Ontdek jullie eigen bron van rust, plezier en ontspanning
    Ouder & Kleuteryoga
    20 april-18mei-8juni
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    De kleine oase
    Yin Yoga voor volwassenen
    Jouw tijd, jouw mat, jouw oase...
    Mindful Flow Yoga voor tieners

“Learn the music of your Soul and you will never get lost”   

This three-day intense training will bring you unique tools to apply in your classes or individual therapy. The tools will help heal and support your students, whether they are children or teenagers. These tools are techniques rescued from ancient wisdom of indigenous people in South America, Africa, Australia and Asia and adapted by me, so you can introduce and use them in your work with children and teenagers of this time and age.

With these unique tools you create:

                       A more profound relationship and trust with your group/ the child

                       A safe place in which they can heal and reconnect with themselves

                       Emotional, physical and mental healing as they are able to unlock their blockages of limitations

                       A reconnection from children/teenagers with their own true nature and nature in itself

                       A playfull, holistic tool to create a inspiring, healing space in groups with children/teens or at Home

"We are vibrational beings and our cells can vibrate in different frequencies. When we use ancient techniques and the Healing Power of Sound, our cells will vibrate in harmony and in this state... there is no space for illness.”

This unique training consists of three days of intensive course on location + one follow up Zoom half-day course to be able to exchange experiences, ask questions and get new inspiration by Maphalda

This training is created for:

. Kids&Teens Yoga Teachers

. Psychologists/ therapists/coaches who (want) to work body-oriented and via sound healing and practices from ancient wisdom

. School and Kindergarten teachers who want to have unique techniques to introduce kids to meditation and relaxation at home or in school/childcare.

- Parents who would love to help their own children/teens to heal from daily stressors with soundhealing and other effective but not so widely known techniques

At the end of this complete training you’ll know and have experienced:

              How sound can heal and why

              Which sounds and meditations are suitable for children and teenagers

              How you can make these sounds with instruments

              Use your own voice as a healing tool

              How to integrate sound healing and old ancient techniques in your yogaclass or individual therapy

              Know and have experienced how you can help children reconnect with nature and their nature 

              How to use the sound healing, instruments and the old, ancestral techniques in different situations

Module 1 -on location-

Sound Medicine: the healing power of sound for children and teenagers

Every cell in our body has a certain vibration. As we exist for 80% of water, frequencies and vibrations move very fast through our bodies. When we are subjected to a less positive or harmonious vibration, our cells fall out of harmony. But good vibrations, like from ancient instruments, can create a soothing effect throughout your entire body, mind and soul.

Sound Healing has many emotional, physical and mental benefits, but will mostly help your students to:

                      Balance | Reduced stress and Anxiety

                      Improve sleep | Better pain management

                      Clear energetic blockages | fewer mood swings

                      Deep Relaxation | Release emotional trauma

In this training, we will explore various ways of harmonisation through sound, using instruments but also our voice. We will work on the physical, emotional and mental body but we will also direct attention to the energetic body and the chakras. You will learn the theory and the ‘how to do this’ in a way that suits children and teenagers.

Module 2 -on location-

Ancient techniques and rituals to connect with nature

Since the beginning of our existence, we are connected to nature, in fact, we are part of it!

Human beings have always had their healing rituals and found ways to live life in a balanced way, respecting the cycles in nature and learning to flow with them.

In the life we live now, we need to rebalance ourselves and make a new (deeper) connection to nature. This is important for all people and especially for children and teenagers, as they are so closely connected to technique/devices.

In this training you will learn old, ancestral and safe practices which I have adopted for children and teenagers. These practices will help your (yoga/coaching) students:

                       To be more confident

                       To flow and learn from nature’s cycles

                       How to release emotions

                       Creatively express themselves

                       Heal, align and feel more courage

                       Strengthen their emotional system

The practices will also bring a feeling of unity and belonging to a group and inspire children/teenagers to live more in balance with their own nature and the nature that surrounds them.

Module 3 -Online-

Follow up | Zoom Session

After a training, starting to use all the tools and techniques in your own (professional) life, it can be really helpful to have a moment to reconnect with Maphalda, because you will probably have questions after a month and a half of 'realtime' practice.

This two and a half hours zoom session is created so that you can share your doubts and also learn from the questions that your colleagues will bring in. 

Besides clarifying your questions, this is always a great moment of creativity where new ideas for applying the techniques to classes and therapies can emerge.

Practical Information:

Location: De Kleine Oase, Venestraat 37-B Nijkerk, (in the centre off) The Netherlands.

Transport: you can easily reach De Kleine Oase by train or by car, as it is only a 10 minute walk from the trainstation Nijkerk. In the surrounding area is also a beautiful B&B and several Air BNB's to sleep over if you would like and Nijkerk has many good, affordable restaurants to make this a real feel-good-reconnect-to-yourself weekend.


Module 1:       25-26  march -saturday & sunday- Nijkerk

Module 2:       1 april -  saturday-  Nijkerk

Module 3:       20 mai - saturday- Zoom ONLINE


Module 1 and 2 - Saturday: 10.00-17.00 & Sunday: 10.00-15.00

Module 3 -ONLINE- Saturday: 9h30-12:00

Price: Early Bird 310€ (ends 18th feb). After 18 february: 360€ 

Language: The training will be given in English, but Wendy (from De Kleine Oase) is available to help translate during the day.

Training includes:

                       Extensive Manual with theory and practical examples and exercises (manual in English and Dutch)

                       Three days of intensive training and experiencing the effect of the tools yourself

                       Coffee, tea, drinks and some healthy snacks (but do take your own lunch)

                       All material for using and exploring during the training

                       Follow up via Zoom (20th Mai | 9h30-12h00) after the training and with real practice  

Instruments to use at home:

I have prepared two SomKURA Kits for you, so you can start using these techniques in your classes right away. These instruments were selected because they complement each other in the elements they address in the child/teenager (like the elements of water, fire, earth, air… etc).

For Instrument Details & Ordering: instruments in this webshop

About Maphalda:

Maphalda is a renown Yoga Teacher and Sound Healer in the south of Portugal, with 14 years of experience in teaching and healing both adults, children and teenagers.She teaches others to work as a Sound Healer in individual therapy or in groups.

“This training is the extension of my work, with students and clients. SOMKURA means The Sound that Heals and itґs my vehicle to bring the ancient and modern wisdom together in order to heal, bring peace and alignment to peoples hearts and souls.”

Maphalda’s warm and openhearted approach is a gift for her students and clients. She is dedicated to help heal and inspire others to do the same with the beautiful tools she created and learned herself in the past 14 years.

"We are vibrational beings and our cells can vibrate in different frequencies. When we use Shamanic techniques and the Healing Power of Sound, our cells will vibrate in harmony and in this state... there is no space for illness.”


Nijkerk -
Maphalda Rodrigues

New Dates for 2024 will follow asap. Please contact us to make sure we can get in touch with you when we're ready to go!


Three Day Intensive Course plus Online Follow Up:

On Location three days

ONLINE: Follow Up, half a day